Donate! Chaotic Theatre


Donate Money!

Your donation is 100% tax deductible and helps us put the funds where they are most needed.
To give you an idea:
$8 pays for one month of website hosting
$30 pays for one month of internet service
$50 pays for one month of set and props storage
$200 pays for a poster design
$250 pays for two weeks of radio announcements
$450 pays for one month of office space and utilities



Donate Materials!
We are always in need of set materials, props, costumes, and office supplies to make our company and productions run smoothly.

When we are looking for specific items for a show,
they will be posted here, so check back often!

to donate your materials!

Donate Time!
Are you good with your hands? In order to get everything ready for a show, there are plenty of set pieces and props that need to be made, stages to be painted, and spaces to be cleaned. Donate your time to help us get these things done faster so we can spend more time perfecting the show! Refreshments are provided for your hard work and you’ll get a special thank you for helping out! Being that we are a 501c3 company, we are also able to write off community service hours.

If you’re interested in donating your time, email to be put on our volunteer list and you will receive emails when we are in need of help.